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The idea of Shao Xing ¡°Toshop Snow World¡± tourist area is proposed by former speed skating world champion Ms. Ye Qiaobo and brought to us by Tsinghua Science Park ( Enlightenment Holding ). It¡¯s the only high class tourist park that mainly features skiing park, snowplay area, with a hotel (accommodation, meetings, dinning, entertainment) in China.and leisure places. The company goal is to become China's sports and leisure industry giant. "Shaoxing Tshopo Snow World" is one of the enterprises of "Qiao Bo Ice World¡± in a nationwide chain of enterprises, opened on September 28, 2009.

The company is located in the national AAAA level scenic spots "Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Jian Hu - Keyan Scenic Area¡±. The company invested a total over 400 million yuan, construction area of ??over 60,000 square meters. Dominated by large-scale indoor ski hall, and supporting the four-star conference leisure hotel, the Four Seasons is a set of skiing, conferences, catering, tourism, entertainment as an integrated sports and leisure options.

Company is committed to tourism, sports, cultural industry development and construction. The project includes skiing, accommodation, conference, dining, recreation and other projects.

Qiao Bo ice world always adhere to the "sincere hospitality, service first, customer first" purpose, all the staff are sincere, professional, confident, enthusiastic, attentive service to meet visitors from the spirit to the world Tshopo snow skiing
, stay, dining, business meetings you will get a warm home care, tender loving care, nourishing food and spiritual enjoyment.

The indoor skiing park contains a snow play area, a SBC park, a junior ski slopes and a senior ski slopes. It could satisfy the needs of all skiers.¡¡¡¡

Ski Dome adopts the international advanced snowmaking and refrigeration technology, in the scorching sun of summer, the park¡¯s temperature is always maintained at minus three degrees. Primary Road is 200 meters long, 40 meters wide, with an average gradient of 8%, the introduction of international advanced towing equipment "magic carpet", so that the primary ski enthusiasts in ensuring safe and convenient circumstances, to fully experience the charm of skiing; senior Road 300 meters long, 40 meters wide, with an average gradient of 17%, the use of towing telescopic rod highest point of the ski lifts boarded A thrilling feeling wells, so that more senior levels of skiers had enough skiing show charm addiction; ski museum also specifically designed for kids snow play park for children, so that they fairy tale world of ice and snow full play to their lively naive nature, a variety of slopes are in the 60-80 cm thickness.

The ski dome can accept 3000 people a day. the use of advanced electronic toll collection system, a reasonable time mode, The full range of high-quality and considerate service allow skiers to enjoy more personalized care. But can also host various competitions and performances, product launches and other activities.

The ski school is affiliated to Shaoxing Tshopo Snow World Sports Development Co., Ltd. The school has a strong lineup of professional ski instructor, all coaches are certified with the national agencies. They can teach you skiing technical specifications.

The ski school learned from foreign advanced ski school teaching system. We intend to allow the skiers to learn in a safe and fun way. We offer skiers single, double board teaching service. Standardized teaching system allows you to master your skiing skills in a short time, enjoy the skiing fun.

Ski School not only developed scientific teaching standards, but also to implement the teaching quality assessment system. After teaching for students, we evaluate learning quality and technical standards. Quality teaching quality has won us the favor of all of our consumers.


School Characteristics:
1, there is a complete and scientific teaching system, including alpine skiing and snowboarding; tutorials from beginner to advanced tutorials readily available;
2, all the coaches are able to skillfully alpine skiing and snowboarding teaching;
3, the first in China to implement the coach's classification system;

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